Features in detail:

Calibration data

The VSM-02 operates with calibrated measuring nozzles. Each nozzle comes with a CD-ROM containing its individual calibration data. The calibration data for the 1/2" nozzle supplied as standard are stored in the unit ex-works, for additional nozzles however the software is needed to copy the calibration disks to your harddrive and to upload the data into the VSM-02.

The VSM-02's memory can store up to five calibration tables for measuring nozzles. Switching between the nozzles is quick and easy with the VSM-02, and so is uploading calibration data. This means that a VSM-02 can be used with any number of nozzles, however with only up to 5 nozzles at the same time. Besides, the software offers an additional feature called 'backup administration' (see Options). This function allows for storing and uploading complete sets of calibration data at the same time. This is very convenient in the case of permanently installed measuring nozzles and when one VSM-02 is used to sample flow rates from time to time. With a mouseclick one could load all nozzle data for hall A, e.g., do the measurements and then return to prepare the VSM-02 for measurements in hall B with just another mouseclick.

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