Features in detail:

VSM Menu

This menu includes the same options as the unit’s SETUP mode, so you can change settings and carry out functions from your PC (which is more convenient than using the unit itself).

The functions are:

  • Barometric balancing¹.
  • Select active nozzle.
  • Select display units (l/min, m³/h).
  • Select standard temperature (0 °C, 15 °C, 20 °C) for density calibration.
  • Sensor disable facility².
  • Reset consumption counter.
  • Call up unit information (e.g. serial number).

¹) Barometric balancing is only required to display the line pressure as usual overpressure. It does not affect the accuracy of the volume flow measurements as calculations are based on absolute pressure.

²) Starting with serial number 3X..X all our devices are equipped with a hardware sensor protection against handling errors, replacing the older software sensor disable facility. Though using the software protection is optional now, it still has the advantage of taking the sensor completely off the line rather than only bypassing any unexpectedly high volume flows (see also Measuring principle).

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