display The measuring devices are equipped with a back-lighted, 2*8 character dot-matrix LCD which can display one measured value together with its corresponding physical unit at a time. It is also used for displaying setup and other informations.
The VSM-02 measures several values at the same time (the standardized volume flow, the line overpressure, the temperature, density and so on). All results can be displayed using the function keys at the measuring device. The tables below show all possible displays of the different device models.

Besides the displays in standard mode there are also several displays and input possibilities in setup mode, which is activated if the device is switched on while holding down the white key. In setup mode the VSM-02 can be fitted to virtually all media and measuring tasks by entering the medium's physical characteristics. So there is no restriction to the preselected media already stored in the VSM-02. On our service pages you will find tables with characteristical constants for many other gases and liquids, which are of technical or medical importance.

zu Display

Displays in standard mode

A volume flow, pressure standardized, in Nl/min or Nm³/h>
B volume flow, density standardized, in Nl/min or Nm³/h
C accumulated consumption in Nm³ (shows up to 9999,999 Nm³)
D 10000 Nm³-overflow counter (consumption)
E line overpressure in bar (kPa, PSI)
F temperature in °C (°F)
G settings of the analog interface (output type 4..20 mA or 0..1 V, measured unit, max. value, analog or switching outputs)
H diameter (serial number) of active nozzle
I standard temperature, on which density standardization and consumption counter are based (0 °C, 15 °C, 20 °C)
J selected medium
K gas constant of medium in J/(kg*K)
L standard density of selected medium in kg/m³
M density in kg/m³ (liquids only)

Display sequence of the VSM-02 ( set up for technical gases )

Pressed Black (upper key) Red (middle key) White (lower key)
0-times A A A
1-times B E H
2-times C F I
3-times D G J
4-times A E K
5-times B F L
6-times C G H

Display sequence of the VSM-02 ( set up for liquids )

Pressed Black (upper key) Red (middle key) White (lower key)
0-times B B B
1-times C E H
2-times D F I
3-times B G J
4-times C E M
5-times D F H

These displays are directly available at the VSM-02. In combination with the included software it is possible to read out and display additional measured values (e.g. the measured density). In general the software offers all means for remote query and control of the measuring device and thereby widens the scope of possible uses for the VSM-02.

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