Mobile measurements

As you see, the VSM-02 is very handy. To perform a measurement it is connected with two pressure hoses to the nozzle, which is inserted in the line system to be inspected. The device is supplied with a stable transportation case, which contains all necessary parts, such as nozzle, pressure hoses, cables and so on. This makes it possible to accomplish a lot of measuring tasks directly in place near the machinery and equipment which is to be checked. Typical tasks are, e.g., the performance control of compressors, the sealing quality of tools, measurements of efficiency, inflation degree and much more.

measuring directly in place Left: after short preparations the efficiency of a tool is measured directly in place
extended measurement features
Right: the stable transportation case of the VSM-02, complete with nozzle, pressure hoses, PC-cable and software
transportation case of the VSM-02
Top: extended measurement features via software

Since portable Windows-PCs became omnipresent working tools in the late 1990s, the VSM-02 has been deliberately designed to take special advantage of being operated with a PC. There are several additional measuring and convenience features available. When connected to a PC, the VSM-02 can, for instance, be operated at a much higher measuring cycle rate than in normal mode. The measured values are graphically displayed on the screen and can lead to interesting insights about short, dynamic processes in the pressure line. The extended features are explained in more detail in the software section.

Quite a number of our customers let several measuring nozzles permanently installed. Since an appropriate nozzle causes virtually no pressure losses (see also measuring principle), this is perfectly ok. They install the nozzles at important junction points and use one VSM-02 to sample the volume flow. For this purpose the measuring device is equipped with a mechanical protection which makes it possible to connect the device to nozzles and lines under full working pressure. With the built-in quick release couplings a sample measurement is a matter of no more than a few seconds. Naturally the measurement does by no means impair the normal work or the supply of downline consumers.

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