Service for the RectuTest RT02 directly by us, the genuine manufacturer

You know and use the airflow meter RectuTest RT02?

So, if yes, did you know that the RT02 was never out of production?

(RectuTest RT02: Rectus Walter Klein Apparatebau GmbH, D-71735 Eberdingen-Nussdorf)

Brochure of the Rectutest
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Brochure of the Rectutest
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Brochure of the Rectutest
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As you know, the good old Svabian Rec­tus GmbH gave up its independence several years ago. Today it is a subsidiary of Parker (working as "Parker QCDE") and has been gradually transformed into a genuine American company, albeit on German soil. Little is left of the former Rectus GmbH and so, finally, an era has come to its end.

For many existing customers it seems that the era of the Rectu­Test RT02 has also come to an end. At first glance, by now it seems that the proven and estimated Rec­tu­Test RT02 would be out of production.

But is this really true?

No, this is not true! Please let us explain: the Rec­tus GmbH did never develop or actually build any of the airflow meters. They were specialists for mechanical quick connect couplings, not for complex electronics. They did not even produce the measuring nozzles, simply for their lack of a calibration bench and the required software. Each single RT01, RT02 and all measuring nozzles ever made came from Heilbronn and from us!

And, as a matter of course, we con­tinue to pro­duce the mea­suring in­stru­ments and the mea­suring nozz­les! You can contact us therefore for everything related to the RectuTest RT02, including measuring nozzles, new equipment, special models for higher pressure requirements, latest developments, etc.

But, please, watch out: our RectuTest ® RT02 is so popular that (of course) there are some nasty brand pirates on the market! Usually they claim to offer an "improved successor of the RectuTest RT02", which is nothing but a blatant lie and an illegitimate and offensive misuse of our brand name. Not only is the price usually much higher than the price of our original (these pirates make deliberate use of many people's belief that higher prices must be accompanied with higher quality, but in this case this is just blah, blah, blah), their infamous "successor"-claim also suggests that the device could come from us and would continue the long positive history of the RT02.

However, we have nothing to do with it! Nor do these fake successors have any comparable history of their own. We know some of them so far only from advertisings and therefore distance ourselves of these fake products in every conceivable form!

By the way, from the very beginning the RectuTest RT02 had a more capable companion, too, namely our model VSM02: fully compatible (but significantly extended) PC software, significantly increased value! Not only suited for air, but also for many other gases and almost all conceivable, arbitrary, gas mixtures! There is, by guarantee, nothing the RectuTest RT02 once was or could do, that the VSM02 could not accomplish even better! Why are we so certain? Simply enough: the popular RectuTest RT02 itself was, from the very beginning and by design, nothing but a limited version of the VSM02! The marketing people who demanded this distinction are out of the way, and so we can upgrade each and every older RT02, if need should be. On ordering a new RectuTest RT02, you will automatically receive the upgraded version, of course.

Besides, please let us emphasize the fact that we, as always in the past, care for all sorts of service and possible repairs in relation with the RectuTest RT02. Rectus, on the other hand (and as a mere sales partner) did never handle any service issues on their own, but always forwarded them to us.

Should there be any loss at all, then it would be the loss of the bureaucratic overhead, which the permanent involvement of Parker made inevitable. In the past, this bureaucratic overhead not only lengthened service works, but also made them more expensive than necessary. Without Parker and in case of service works: no cost estimate takes longer than 2 work days, no repair takes longer than 5 work days. Full stop.

For most of our professional customers possible service costs are nothing compared to the lost income caused by an overly extended servicing time (please consider the past: service orders underwent the bureaucratic treadmill at Parker / Rectus / Maku, then came to us and finally had to pass through Parker's, Rectus's or Maku's bottleneck once again). It was a logistic nightmare.

Therefore: things could only turn for the better! And eventually they did, both in speed and price.

It does sound a bit odd indeed, but despite of ha­ving al­ready a very im­pres­sive number of ex­pert cus­to­mers, we do hard­ly know their na­mes. This is the price for allow­ing an ex­ter­nal dis­tri­bu­tor to em­bark. They wanted their share, of course. On the back­side, the vast ma­jo­ri­ty of our custo­mers is not yet fa­mi­liar with our na­me, sigh.

We therefore provided a small list below, showing just some names of customers we already happen to know (by chance, more or less). The complete list should be, according to our sales numbers, approximately fivefold longer, at least. But distributors and their agents are, by nature, notoriously secretive.So we can only add a new firm to our list, if this firm had actively called us (e.g., for the need of spare parts or a software update). (AT) (BR) (IN) (USA) (BR) (DE)

If the name of your firm, institution or authority is missing in the list, though you are using RT02 measuring instruments, please send us a short email. We will then be happy to add your name to the list!

Is there any advantage of being listed? Yes, of course there is! Please think of some of your more remote colleagues who presently search the Internet for airflow meters. It could be an invaluable information for them to see that there are already RT02 airflow meters in your firm and in operation and that they could possibly shorten their strenuous search by simply seeking your experienced advice!

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