Fixed installation

If the VSM-02, in order to draw an analogy, is compared with electrical measuring devices (of course the VSM-02 measures the consumption of gases resp. liquids and not electrical current!), then the mobile use of the VSM-02 would be similar to using a multimeter, whereas the fixed installation of a VSM-02 would resemble the use of a kilowatthour counter.

multimeter Left: similar to a multimeter, with a mobile VSM-02 one can measure the actual consumption and several other actual values.
Right: to record the consumption precisely over longer periods of time a kWh counter is needed, with gases and liquids accordingly a permanently installed VSM-02. kWh counter

The housing of the VSM-02 is already prepared for wall mounting. The gas consumption can be read out with a resolution of 1 liter while the display capacity reaches up to approx. 650 mio. cubic meters before the counter restarts at zero. In case of power failure the last counter value remains stored (EEPROM-technology, i.e. no backup batteries necessary, data retention > 100 years).

With the remote query capabilities of the VSM-02 and a PC it is possible, for example, to automatically record daytime consumption profiles (see also software). This even includes the possibility to identify the moment (virtually the second) in which a certain consumer was switched on, which amount of gas it consumed and much more. As a matter of course also the values of pressure, temperature, density, time and so on can be protocolled together with the standardized consumption values.

The measured values are exported as *.CSV-files ('comma separated values'), which can easily be read and post-processed by popular programs like MS-Excel, StarCalc and so on.

A practical example: with several permanently installed VSM-02 and the protocols generated with that, a tunnel construction company was the only one who could offer their customer a clear proof about the usage of compressed air. This was absolutely decisive. The competitors, on the other hand, had nothing to offer but the usual, unprecise estimations. If you, as a customer, had to pay the total energy bill (namely for electricity which is needed to generate the compressed air), you would also prefer an evidence whether the compressed air was used reasonably rather than wasted, wouldn't you ?

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