Networking permanently installed units

Up to 255 units can be networked with optional RS232/RS485 converters, resulting in a network of up to 1200 m in length. For mobile measurements up to four devices can be quickly connected with simple cables (without converters) to form a local cluster, which is treated by the software just like a regular network, too.

network Over a central PC, which is connected to the network, there are in principle all measured values of all networked devices accessible at any time.

So it is possible to get a live survey of the actual standardized consumption in the separate departments, for example. Of course one can monitor as well the line pressure, the medium temperature, the medium density and so on. All measured values can simultaneously be protocolled.

All protocol functions of the software, which were already described for an individual, permanently installed VSM-02, are also available in an extended version, which can protocol the measured values of all (or selected) networked devices.

It is natural to use permanently installed VSM-02 in order to find a just cost distribution between cost centers. Sometimes a weekly or monthly control tour will be all that is needed for this purpose. Of course no PC is required to read and note the displayed consumption values on such a tour.

On the other hand networked measuring devices in combination with a PC do offer such a high, unprecedented degree of consumption transparency that almost all of our bigger customers use the devices in this way. No more tedious control tours, but instead the possibility to have a central, instantaneous survey over all consumption activities throughout the plant, virtually in the very moment in which the consumption is caused (!). Leakages, consumptions during idle times, unefficient machines and much more become visible at once! Measures to stop the waste can therefore be taken immediately rather than much later, after the avoidable costs have had time enough to cumulate.

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