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Our former sales partner Rectus GmbH was a renowned German producer of safety quick connect couplings for compressed air. Then the owner retired and sold his firm. Rectus is now under American control. Please see therefore Sales & New Vacancy for Sales Partnership on this website.

Every two years the "old" Rectus GmbH exhibited their products on the Hanover fair. Here are some memorable images from a stand they had entirely dedicated to their volume flow meter "RectuTest RT-02", which in fact was our rebranded VSM-02.

Right: Hall 6, stand H37 Exclusive stand for the RectuTest RT-02

Several compressed air tools were connected via measuring nozzles to three RT-02 (pictures s.b.). It could be demonstrated how precisely and quick these measuring devices reacted on every change in the flow rate. The bigger one of the two compressed air screwers (second row, left) was, by the way very deliberately, an older and leaky model. However, one still couldn't see its bad efficiency directly.

Thanks to the RT-02 the efficiency of the tool could easily be determined and then, for instance, could be compared to the specs from this tool's manufacturer. And it could be compared directly to the flawless air screwer lying next to it.

Stand on the Hanover fair Measuring nozzle attached to an air pistol
Air screwers with measuring nozzles Much interest in the devices
A glimpse on the software The software features are shown to a group of visitors

Most visitors knew perfectly about all the avoidable energy costs that accompany the industrial use of compressed air. Especially the demonstration with the two air screwers received a lot of admiration.

It became clear that the use of an instrument like the RT-02 could save a lot of money in an unusually short time.

Compressed air is as vital for most parts of the industry as electricity, but at the same time its use in the industry can be the biggest single cause of waste of energy, too. Both economically and ecologically the improper use of compressed air can have devastating effects. The VSM-02 can help effectively to discover enormous saving potentials, to reduce costs and, as a consequence, to protect the environment and the climate, too.

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