Our mission since 1997: to develop and build volume flow meters, as they should be: easy to handle, inexpensive and, most of all, with a long term measuring precision that comes close to good DAkkS laboratory test benches!

The volume flow meter RT02 is our most successful model in Europe and many parts of the world. Its distribution started in 1998 by a renowned producer of quick connect couplings, the former Rectus GmbH. The RT02 is best known under our own brand name Rectu­Test ® RT02. The popular devices are still in production, even though the old distributor may be history by now. We, as the original manufacturer, facelifted the hardware and software continously, so the technical appeal and usefulness of the RT02 is not only alive but has even increased ever since.

Our Volume Flow (Airflow) Meters RectuTest RT02 and VSM02

Our measuring devices RT02 / VSM02 are made for precise consumption measurements of compressed air, technical / medical gases and gas mixtures. They offer, quite unique for such compact measuring devices, a consequent implementation of physically correct EN- and DIN-standards for exact consumption measurements, which up to now used to be much too complicated for regular employment in daily practice.

Using calibrated Venturi-like nozzles with simultaneous, precise measurement of effective pressure, line pressure, flow velocity, medium temperature and medium density the units replace complicated volume flow test benches according to DIN EN ISO 5167 / VDI 2040, which otherwise must consist of several different, exact measuring devices and which normally would require a human engineer to perform the measurements. You would normally need a specialized laboratory (including the engineer) to get comparable results.
Ok, truth be told, a good laboratory and a good engineer could still outperform us a little bit, but our results would be very, very close runners up! And please remember: the devices are mobile and can be taken to wherever they are needed. Just imagine for a moment to do the same with a stationary, air conditioned and utterly immobile laboratory and with all the lab's required equipment...

VSM02 with a set of measuring nozzles
The RT02 / VSM02 have a highly elaborate software, which knows quite something about the correct handling of the incoming measuring data. So, our systems allow the mobile employment of approved, high-precision measurement procedures for compressed air and technical / medical gases. The standard nozzle calibration in a DAkkS laboratory allows a really outstanding measuring precision of typically far better than 1 % of the measured value, which is, in addition, independently certified by the DAkkS-approved laboratory. With this certificate, it is very easy to pass any quality assurance audits that come with the strict quality requirements in modern industry.
VSM02 with a set of measuring nozzles
In the first place the RT02 / VSM02 offer a high measuring precision. In conjunction with the pressure regain due to the measuring principle, but also because of the low and attractive price and their compactness, the devices are also ideally suited for use as permanently installed consumption counters.
With their built-in remote query capabilities, their network functions and the optionally built-in analog interfaces, the RT02 / VSM02 also match all demands for consumption documentation and for process control in a quite perfect manner.

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