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Our mission since 1997: to develop and build air flow meters, as they should be: easy to handle, inexpensive and, most of all, with a long term measuring precision that comes close to good laboratory test benches!

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  • (b) an installable demo version of the Windows software that comes with the VSM02 which contains a bilingual instruction manual of both the software and the measuring device as part of the integrated help system (the software starts up in German, which is a bit embarassing (sorry), but here you can spot the exact menu position where the software can be switched to an "all English" version). If you consider to lend or buy a VSM02, this software is the ideal training ground.
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(a) PDF-Pricelist (1,5 MB)(b) Software f. Windows, setup (3 MB)
Thanks to our long specialization in the development and manufacturing of flow measurement devices, our VSM02 is, as far as we know, currently the only compact & mobile measuring instrument on the market that uses the principle of measurement according to DIN EN ISO 5167 / VDI 2040 and its considerable pressure regain. This measurement method formerly seemed to be only applicable by stationary laboratory test equipment. Part of the secret of the VSM02 are the currently 3 microprocessors that work together to implement the necessary physical know-how and to thereby deliver high-quality measurements without the need of any human intervention.
Even with one VSM02 you can make a local flow measurement at any time and at any number of measuring access points (= inexpensive, calibrated nozzles) in your compressed air installation. A VSM02 is connected within a few seconds and never affects the continuous supply of compressed air. With the standard DAkkS calibration of the measuring nozzle the quality level of "reference class" can be reached quite easily, which is much better than just "billing quality".
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