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Displays and input possibilities in setup mode

Setup mode is activated with the lower, white key of the VSM-02 being held down on switching the device on. The function keys then have the following meanings:


'Select' (lower key) is used to browse through the available options within the actual menu level. 'Enter' (upper key) descends to the next menu level or chooses the displayed option on the lowest menu level. 'Escape' (middle key) returns to the previous menu level or ends setup mode.

In setup mode there are the following options:
  • Perform barometric balancing: Barometric balancing serves the purpose to show the line pressure as overpressure, which is more common than absolute pressure. The actual barometric pressure is measured and subtracted from the system pressure until the next balancing takes place. This balancing is optional and does not affect the accuracy of the measurements, because internal calculations are always based on absolute pressure. It only changes the way in which the overpressure is displayed.
  • Choose active nozzle: The VSM-02 can hold the calibration data of up to five nozzles in memory and this function serves to switch between the nozzles.
  • Choose medium (VSM-02 only): Choose one out of a number of preselected gases and liquids or enter the characteristical constants of other gases / liquids.

    Preselected gases: Air, O2, N2, Ar, NH3, CO2, H2O (steam), Ne, CO, SO2.
    Preselected liquid: Water.

    To enter an other gas you will need its characteristic gas constant and its standard density, for a liquid only the density is needed. The required constants can be obtained from chemistry books / databases or directly from our server (see table of characteristic constants).
  • Choose unit for volume flow: Choose between l/min and m³/h. Other units on request.
  • Reset consumption counter: The consumption counter consists of two linked counters, one for values of up to 9999,999 Nm³ and an overflow counter, which is incremented every 10000 Nm³ while the first counter restarts at zero. So the consumption counter offers a display capacity of up to 655 Mio. Nm³ with a resolution of 1 litre. Resetting the consumption counter clears both counters.

These setup options are available directly at the measuring device, in order to use the VSM-02 for independent, mobile measurements. Nevertheless we think that in most cases the VSM-02 will be operated (or at least configured) in combination with the included software. Only then all available features, like changing units, programming the analog interfaces and so on, can be fully exploited. Mind you that several extended features, e.g. the network functions, will exclusively work with a PC.

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