Features in detail:


  • Unit converter. This function converts American pressure units into European units and vice versa.

  • Calculator for gas mixtures. This calculator helps to find the correct setup values for the VSM-02 in cases where the volume flow of a gas mixture is to be measured.

    Built-in setup tool for gas mixtures Built-in setup tool for gas mixtures

    Simply pick one gas component after the other from a selection box and enter its actual volume percent value. When you have finished this, the mean gas constant and the mean density of the gas mixture are calculated. You may send these values directly to the VSM-02 which will then be ready for the new measurements. See also Service/Gas mixtures on this server for an online Javascript version of the calculator.

    For the more exotic gases / gas mixtures not covered by the built-in database, an additional, free numeric input possibility is provided as well.

  • Demo mode. This mode is used to simulate a connected VSM-02 with a small network; a real VSM-02 is not required for this process and any units which are connected to the PC at the time will not be addressed. All program functions can be activated, so you can practise using the program without doing anything wrong on the real VSM-02.

  • Configuring the analog interface. The analog interface of the VSM-02 (4..20 mA, 0..1 V, 0..20 mA) is highly configurable via software.

    configuration of the analog interfaces Left: comfortable configuration of the analog interfaces using a PC

    See also Applications/Process control.

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Online help

The online help contains the software help and the VSM-02 online instruction manual.

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