Features in detail:


Here one can choose from the following:
  • Select interface to which the VSM-02 is connected. By default the VSM-02 is connected to a free serial port (COM). Optionally a free parallel port (LPT) can be used, too.

  • Physical units for the display of pressure and temperature. The VSM-02 can display the line pressure either in bar, kPa or PSI, the temperature can be displayed in °C or °Fahrenheit.

  • Data export settings. Allows the setting of a field separator character and the kind of decimal delimiter to be used. Thus the measurement protocols can be made directly compatible to the default settings of almost all actual calculation programs (MS-Excel, StarCalc, Lotus...).

  • Language / Unit system. This function can be used to set the program's user interface and all text messages and displays to another language. You can choose between "German (metric)", "English (metric)", "English (USA)" or "Other (metric)" as standard. In its original state, the file "OTHER.INI" in the installation directory is simply a copy of "GERMAN.INI". However, one can translate the texts into any native language and create an individual version of this Windows program. When switched to 'English (USA)', a linked up VSM-02 will be reprogrammed accordingly, so that cu ft becomes its new base for consumption measurements.

  • Backup management. The VSM-02's solid state memory contains quite a number of settings and data. Since it would be very inconvenient to change numerous settings manually each time the measuring location is changed and/or a different nozzle and measuring range is selected, the backup management allows to store and restore all settings at once. For convenient retrieval, one can add a comment of up to 255 characters in length to each backup.

  • Test connection. This function checks the connection to the VSM-02 and makes available any menu options which may previously have been blocked as soon as the connection is set up correctly.

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